A Better Way To Order International Flowers?

I was reading a forum thread recently regarding where to find the best deal for international flower delivery from the UK to the USA, where one of the posters made a very enlightened point which I had not and you may not have even considered.

Traditionally (before the ordering flowers on the net became popular) if you wanted to have flowers delivered in the USA the only feasible option for most of us would be to phone or visit a major florist such as Interflora and let them sort it out. So it follows that most of us when arranging flowers delivered abroad today use an established UK florist online. Of course they will cost more than any equivalent local flower delivery because you are having them delivered “internationally”.

But as the internet delivers an entirely global market there is of course nothing stopping you from ordering your flowers directly from a florist based in the country of the intended recipient. The only downside is that you may not be familiar with the florists and unsure if they are reputable – this is obviously less of an issue when dealing with florists in the USA compared with Azerbaijan for example. The upside is of course that you may get more for you money as you are in effect missing out the middle man.

I will be comparing the two methods side by side over the next few days to see how much (if anything) you can save. I will probably use international flower delivery to the USA as the comparison and have the results up in a week or so.

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