Chelsea International Flower Show 2011 Results

The results are in for the 2011 Chelsea Flower Show, they are as follows:

Gold Tourism Malaysia MA/22 Show Garden
Silver-Gilt Flora The Royal Bank of Canada MA/13 Show Garden
Best artisan garden Hae-woo-so (Emptying one’s mind) by Jihae Hwang
Silver Flora Welcome to Yorkshire SEW/7 Artisan Garden
Gold The Daily Telegraph MA/19 Show Garden
Silver Flora The Magistrates’ Association RHW/32 Urban Garden
Silver-Gilt Flora Chris Beardshaw Mentoring Scholarship RHW/34 Urban Garden
Silver-Gilt Flora Cancer Research UK MA/20 Show Garden
Ysgol Bryn Castell & Heronsbridge School
Silver Flora The Times MA/21 Show Garden
Gold Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne MA/17 Show Garden
Silver-Gilt Flora Fleming’s Nurseries RHW/26 Show Garden
Gold Laurent-Perrier MA/18 Show Garden
Gold Worcester, Bosch Group RHW/31 Urban Garden
Silver-Gilt Flora Martin Cook & Bonnie Davies SEW/3 Artisan Garden
Gold Stockton Drilling Ltd RHW/29 Urban Garden
Gold Leeds City Council MA/3 Show Garden
Silver-Gilt Flora M&G Investments MA/15 Show Garden
Gold Principality of Monaco MA/16 Show Garden
Silver Flora SKYshades UK Ltd MA/9 Show Garden
Silver Flora Chilstone of Tunbridge Wells RHW/30 Urban Garden
Gold Jihae Hwang SEW/5 Artisan Garden
Silver Flora Fever-Tree SEW/8 Artisan Garden
Gold Lands’ End RHW/28 Urban Garden
Silver Flora British Heart Foundation MA/7 Show Garden
Best urban garden – Winds of Change by Stockton Drilling
Gold B&Q TR/3 Show Garden
Horticulture Students with Anthea Guthrie SEW/1 Artisan Garden
Silver-Gilt Flora Doncaster Deaf Trust RHW/33 Urban Garden
Silver-Gilt Flora Royal National Institute of Blind People RHW/35 Urban Garden
Silver Flora Ishihara Kazuyuki Design Laboratory TR/1 Show Garden
Silver-Gilt Flora Homebase RHW/24 Show Garden
Bronze Flora Basildon Bond
Gold Fáilte Ireland RGB/10 Show Garden
Gold Kati Crome & Maggie Hughes SEW/6 Artisan Garden

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